Empowering Women, Building Communities


There are many things that we can do individually for our community but together, as an organization, we are unstoppable.  We have the diversity, intelligence, creativity, resources and drive to do anything that we put our minds to.  Our growing community could truly benefit from the resources and vast network of our members.  We have the ability to create possibilities that are meant to unify us and work for the greater good.



As leaders in our field, it is our duty to help our community.  There are a number of programs that our organization will support to enable our members to lead and participate in helping our community including training, mentoring, educational programs and charitable contributions.


Reaching out and becoming involved is one of the best ways to share your expertise and help others with your powerful gifts as a professional. The Richmond Powerhouse plans to work with community agencies throughout the greater area to promote volunteerism.

Calling All Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Professionals

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